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Just South of Sane: The Cartoons of Bruce Bolinger

by Bruce Bolinger; Foreword by Andrew Simmons

110 pages; quality trade paperback (softcover); catalogue #08-0643; ISBN 1-4251-7889-8; US$14.75, C$14.75, EUR10.08

A collection of over 100 across-the-board cartoons for the general audience by Bruce Bolinger, "Cracked Magazine's Strangest Cartoonist." Humorous, outrageous snapshots of the human condition.

The first collection of over 100 black-and-white cartoons by Bruce Bolinger, veteran cartoonist of Cracked Magazine in its glory. These well-drafted snapshots of the human condition are smile-out-loud visuals and comments on subjects that range from talking dogs to alien encounters. Bruce's view of the world is a glance askew, a vision through a zircon prism, the subjects seen from a point of view likened to Don Martin, Jack Davis and the great Larson. An entertaining and visually interesting style of the cartoon art, not particularly politically correct, but always funny.

About the Author

In 1976 Bruce and his wife and children moved to a small town near Johnstown, Pennsylvania to launch Freehold Studio, a successful freelance art service. Many of his clients over the next 30 years were publishing companies. He has also contributed artwork to a couple hundred books, mostly under the one-sided umbrella of 'Work For Hire' no-recognition contracts. One career highlight included working for Cracked Magazine for a 12-year period, three years of which saw Bruce working with the late and great Don Martin as his 'ghost'. Don, at his peak with Mad Magazine, was one of the world's most recognized cartoonists. Working with a variety of humor writers on the national scene was a creative dream. Other highlights were writing/designing greeting cards for the U.S. market and The Paper House, a UK-based company plus creating his own 3-issue comix series with Rip Off Press.

Bruce's creative designs and cartoons now appear on scores of t-shirts, the majority for His cartoons also appear on websites such as and, both of which supply newspapers like the New York Daily News and various magazines, including the Washington Monthly, Woodworking Magazine, and Stitches (the outlet for medical humor).

Bruce's humorous, finely detailed brush, pen and ink originals grace the walls of bathrooms and dark halls all across this great land and his signed originals are rapidly becoming highly-prized American collectibles. He can be seen occasionally in his front yard, chasing squirrels.

Andrew Simmons is the current senior Humor Editor for an American icon, the Reader's Digest. Andy has worked with scores of cartoonists and humorists in his career with Reader's Digest and previously with Cracked Magazine.

Out of Print

Just South of Sane was published in 2008 and as of March 2015 it is out of print. Autographed copies are no longer available from the artist, Bruce Bolinger, at Freehold Studios.

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