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Okay, you found the door to the studio...just push it open, shuffle on in and take a look around. It's the sanctuary of Bruce H. Bolinger, once labeled as "Cracked Magazine's Strangest Cartoonist".

The cartooning and humorous illustration style you find here may be the one you're looking for in your next ad campaign, next publication or your next promotion.

Thanks for stopping by this odd little corner of the web. Just kick the empties out of your way when you leave the studio and please don't step on the cat...

"Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself you have to be prepared to laugh at others."

B. Bolinger, 1998

Cousin Freddie
		      finally found work. Hallelujah!

Freehold Studio
621 Dutch Run Road
Nicktown, PA 15762

Phone: (814) 749-7351


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This many people
have stumbled
in here while
searching for
a porn site...

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